Last night was New Year's Eve, the cusp between 2009 and 2010. Obviously the neighbors behind us felt the occasion warranted a loud celebration, perhaps to ward off evil spirits, maybe because there were rivers of alcohol flowing through their yard. A karaoke machine was the centerpiece of this tribal ritual. I was treated to horrific rendtitions of Marvin Gaye'e Sexual Healing, the entire sountrack of Grease, and the little gem in the video below. They defied tradition, continuing to play even after this song ended. ANd Lynryd Skynyrd fan worth their salt knows that Freebird is the last song they play. I only wish I'd had a lighter to hold up in the dark backyard.

The serenade went on for hours, culminating in the neighbors firing off massive quantities of illegal fireworks directly over my house (I can throw rocks from my yard and hit the dwelling of ALL my next-door neighbors). Except for the threat of fire, it was pretty funny.


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