Had my performance appraisal today. Apparently, our entire department sucks. I seem to have quality control problems, being in too  much of a hurry to finish studies since in the past we were told we were the bottleneck of the hospital and slowing everyone up. I've been given instructions that I will attend HR classes on interpersonal relationships and teach more. I will also be learning the program assistant's jobs. Actually, I'm hoping in the future that this may translate into getting off the floor and into an office instead, but what it really means is that I will be expected to do my works as well as her's when she isn't there. I don't mind helping her at all, I love our PA/secretary. But our being shorthanded and without pay raises for three plus years makes for a very frustrating and discouraging work environment. So, I will shut the fuck up,m do my job and learn what I can. And hopefully see the back of my piece of shit supervisor one day. Soon.

Yeah, gotta start querying my novel.


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