I must smell funny.

It’s the only thing I can think of. The online writer’s group I’ve hung out with off and on for years, small but helpful and fun, has gotten so small that I think I’m the only one posting anymore. I miss the cameraderie, the sharing of ideas and resources and just the general sense of community. The boards used to be jammed with fellow writers, all challanging and supporting one another. Nowadays I just hope someone posts something, anything, once in a while. Comments on posts are just gravy at this point.

Yes, there are other groups out there that I could join. I’ve even signed up for some of them, but nothing ever sticks. Most have lots of rules, with complex equations for calculating how many crits you can get based on how many you do. There are differing types of crits, all carefully spelled out. I don’t want to do that. I enjoy the informality and friendly atmosphere I have had.

Old Dogs should be further along. I’ve read it backwards and forwards. I still like what I read, but at the same time, I worry that it’ll never see the light of day. I worry that it’s not marketable because there’s nothing spectacular going on in it. It’s just about people, regular people. There are no explosions, nothing paranormal, no murder mysteries, no police crime drama.

I should have gotten at least one complete review from someone other than myself since I declared myself finished. I’m at a loss. I understand people are busy, so am I. It’s only that I’ve been on vacation (at home) that this has really bothered me. In the four months since I ‘finished’ and gave it to a few, select people, I’ve gotten some comments, some great reviews, but only on the first four chapters. I have one more person reading that has offered some excellent advice, but again, only on the first four chapters and real life has interfered with further progress. I’m afraid I’m going to have to resort to one of those large, anonymous sites in order to get the feedback I need.

Forgive me, it’s late and I’m tired and whiny. Anybody want to read a novel?
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remember the days without the internet, when we used to write just for ourselves, with no feedback until the 'zine was published - unless you had an editor, which could cause it's own problems (my friend once had an editor change her description of a character's "Hispanic eyes" to "his panicked eyes" which changed whole meaning of her paragraph)

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I wrote for myself for ages, stopped and then started again with HL fanfic. I'd have been ecstatic to end up with something actually in 'print' even if it were a tiny, self-published 'zine. Now that I've buckled down and written 92,000 words that are completely original, I'm lost. I could start collecting rejection slips now, I suppose, but I'd much rather give the work a chance by making it as good as I can BEFORE I start subbing it to agents/publishers.

And the arbitrary changing of something in my work does scare me; I can't believe an editor would do something so unethical, little 'zine or not! I can only hope I end up with someone fair.
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From: [personal profile] wolfette

this was in the days before home PCs and cheap printing - said "editor" was the person who owned a typewriter and stencil machine, so to be "published" many wanna-be fanfic writers submitted their stories to her.

She'd never heard of the word "Hispanic" and claimed "it wasn't a real word" when challenged over this.

We bought her a dictionary.

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I guess we're on the same page tonight/today. See my earlier post. Maybe today we can switch novels and go from there.

From: [identity profile] debikm.livejournal.com

Yes we are. I'm just whiny, I guess, too much time on my hands but so not willing to go back to work. Kicking and screaming on Monday, to be sure. But yes, I'd be glad to exchange stories and see what we can do. Extra eyes are always helpful, ferreting out typos, weird turn of phrase and just stuff that could be better. I KNOW there are weak spots in my stories, but I'm at a loss as to what to do with them...

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Thanks Jon. Since I've been whiny, the activity on my favorite forum has picked up, but just one other person is posting. Maybe things will shake up and we'll get more participants.

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Hey, I think you should feel pretty good. You post on LJ after some time, and you get a half dozen comments. I post and post and get nada. Seems like somebody's listening.

As for the lit forum. I haven't been on it as long as you, but I can see it definitely goes in cycles. People get busy. I miss RL Lassie. I really liked her story of Sam and the Grey.

As for me, I don't mean to ignore the lit forum, but I'm really working hard on cutting down my word count. I don't want to write any new scenes for it and I'm trying hard to stay focused on it and not start something new until its done, especially before my kids get out of school. Then, I may be more ready to play.

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Come play anytime Susie! Even just a comment is welcome.

It is pretty cyclical, I admit. I know people are busy, but to have NOTHING at all on there for two weeks? Even when I'm working I check the board. I may be a little obsessive, as it's my only real means of feedback. My husband doesn't read fiction, and if he did, my writing a romance would probably not appeal to him at all.

You generated plenty of activity when you posted your excerpt and it started a whole discussion. I don't always get replies to things I post. I get jack half the time. I think I just bitch and moan and people post to shut me up. It wouldn't surprise me. And, hey, if it gets a response, all the better.
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