The Employee Education Program has paid my tution and my parking owes may be relieved. There is a parking garage on the same block as my class and is a short walk, much shorter than the one I had today. You see, there is an awful lot of different parking options at the Institution of Higher Learning that employees me and now further educates me. I have the least expensive option for a car, the commuter Green. The next up is Blue, or if you're on campus and not at the fringes like the Vet School, Orange (how cute...). Aforementioned parking garage is Orange, but only until 4:30 pm, the same time I leave work. With a bit of timing, I can leave work, park and have a leisurely 30 minutes until my class starts to read, review or maybe eat at the dining hall across the street from my class. It's pure torture to go to class at 5:00, starving, and smell Burger King. Thursday, I may have to go in and have a bite before my 2 hours class.

Is if making any more sense? A little. Our instructor admits reading Foucault is "heavy."

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