So far, I've planted my Valentine's Day canna lily bulbs and done housework. It needs it, that's for sure, but I don't want to waste the whole week with just cleaning. Trouble is, about the time I start to figure out what I want to get done, the week is gone. Since the attendance policy at work no longer allows us to take two weeks in a row, and departmental guidelines discourage us from taking vacations back to back (among we employees) so as to give us a 'break' (even when all of us are present it is often busy enough that we don't have enough people to cover all areas, that's how understaffed we are), I need to figure out what I'm doing. Add to the mix going to class two evenings this week and you'll get an inkling of my situation. Preparation for class isn't a problem; my Anthropology essay is long done and uploaded to the webpage. My writing assignment is almost done. I just need to tweak it a bit more (translation: make sure it doesn't suck ass and have to rewrite before tomorrow evening) and print out multiple copies.

The big event for this vacation is a trip to Marianna to visit Florida Caverns. Being a Florida girl, I've never been in a cave in my life, unless you count the holes I dug in pile of builder's sand as a kid. The Spousal Unit has been there a very long time ago so I thought it would be fun to see what it's all about and maybe get some good pics, maybe rent a canoe for the afternoon and paddle about. Just as long as we don't recreate the scene from my novel where a snake falls into the canoe and my two main characters are stranded in the middle of the woods. It makes for a very entertaining scene in a book, but in Real Life it would be sub-optimal.

Oh! What a wonderful reason to leave the windows open! No really, I'm not crazy, I just heard a flock of sandhill cranes flying overhead, even though I'm inside. Another thing I want to do is go out to Payne's Prairie and try to see them before they all fly away again. Might even catch a glimpse of a whooping crane since they will sometimes join the flock in their travels. We now rejoin your regularly scheduled blog entry, already in progress.

Another set of tasks I want to do this week is some sewing. I have several unfinished projects and need to get them off my mind. A quilt, a bag or two, and I have several feed bags just begging to be made into tote bags. Soon, my pretties, soon.

I need something like a month off....


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