My kitchen's a mess, but the dishwasher is installed, working and (so far) no leaks. HOORAAAAAYYY!!!!
debikm: (spring)
( Mar. 8th, 2008 08:16 am)
DH comes home last night with ::drum roll, please:: a DISHWASHER!!!
Now, this may not sound terribly exciting to the average person, getting an appliance out of the blue, but allow me to explain. The current dishwasher? Me. The dishwasher that I've always had? Me. The fact that there is a magic box that you can put dirty dishes into and extract clean ones from later is astounding to me. Oh course, I do realize that it's not perfect, I still will have to handwash some things, but NOT EVERY STINKIN' DISH IN THE HOUSE!!!
Can you tell I'm excited?

Our neighbor, a Cuban immigrant, is helping us out by tiling the floor in one bedroom, also known as my husband's computer room. DH is watching and trying to learn and it all seems pretty straightforward. Sam keeps assuring us, 'there's no mystery to it'. We fell into conversation after I put something in the crock pot for supper. Sam said that they don't have them in Cuba, but that at some point in the past, Castro made an announcement to the general populace announcing this new technological development that was going to make all their lives easier. There was only going to be a limited number of them available, yadda,yadda. What was this wonderful be-all and end-all of human technology? A rice cooker. And the fate of many of those marvelous devices? Due to the scarcity of food, he says many of them became decorative planters, a bit of grass and a small tree in them instead of rice.

Makes me feel just a little bit lucky, downright spoiled, in fact, by the wealth of things we have in this country.

And we bitch about what we don't have.

How pitiful are we?


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