... has been blessing/plaguing me a lot this past week. I've been reviewing/revising/rewriting what I already have down in both my 'Windhorses' and the as-yet untitled sequel with Rayne as an adult. That's the really long one, covering everything from her leaving home at age 19 to join the big bad world onward. What I've been writing lately has been what may be the ending, with Rayne in her mid 30's, unless the next part of the story and Rayne herself starts harassing me to keep writing. 
See why I titled this post this way? The characters bug me until I write stuff. Two supporting characters gave me grief yesterday until I wrote a rather steamy scene for them; two independant, solitary characters wanted sex and I gave them one helluva scene! As soon as I finished that bit, I could go back and edit some more. 
Weird how the writing process works for me. I feel a bit like a voyeaur sometimes...
If anyone would like to read some... I'd love the feedback.
debikm: (Rayne)
( May. 1st, 2008 06:22 am)
Who's that, you ask? She's my central fictional character of the endless fantasy novel I'm writing. She was born on Beltane and she's so wrapped in my mind that I feel I should wish her a happy birthday. Of course she's completely fictional,(don't be calling the guys with the nets just yet!) but my characters tend to whisper to me, telling me what they want me write. Sometimes, frustratingly, they clam up, for months or even years at a time. Rayne (properly born as Riannoch) has been generous with her storytelling lately and I am enjoying the journey she's taking me on. Maybe someday I'll actually get all the little scenes and fragments stiched together into something cohesive enough to submit for publication. It's nothing special, there are no new stories, you know, just different ways of telling the same old ones, but that doesn't matter. Rayne is telling me hers.


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