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( May. 30th, 2008 12:11 am)

So, I've submitted my story to my online class site, I'm pretty sure in the correct folder and no one has offered any comment on it. Granted, it's rather dark, just happened to be what came to mind when asked to write 500-700 words on a character's change because of something they beleived. There were other choices but that's the one that appealed. I can open my file and read it, no one had posted that they can't open it... I wonder what gives?

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( May. 12th, 2008 07:30 pm)
Now this is my kind of class. Fiction writing, mostly reading short story bits and discussing them, only two stories the whole semester and those only 500-700 words. Did I mention that it's entirely online? That's what's really awesome. No more having to go find a classroom, sit under the crappy fluorescent lighting, listen to droning on about various subjects, just lovely writing fun to be had and reading and discussing some short stories. What could be better?!
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( Apr. 22nd, 2008 06:28 pm)
The class is over. I reviewed the class and was not shy about how I felt about how it was taught. I was civil, but plainly honest. Someone who says 'you know?' every other sentance shouldn't be teaching. The instructor should take Dr. Adam's public speaking class. I guarantee the next class taught would be much smoother for the better speech.
Now I'll take a fiction writing class for fun, online only, so I don't have to worry about getting to class on time or leaving work at a certain time. I know I'll like this class, all the better for not having to show up. I can do the work any time I have or feel like it. Then a few more weeks of nothing and I'll start the online veterinary technician's program.

But the writing class will be more fun.

Actually, I know the answer to this particular question. It's because I dislike writing technical crap. I want to write fiction. I'll get a chance to do that for class credit next semester. THIS semester, however, I have to write a 5 page paper. No problem, you say. Just bash that puppy right out. And I probably will. The problem is I have to write it for an animal behavior class, which you'd think I'd find interesting. And maybe I should. The instructor however is not so much fun. I thought we'd be visiting the teaching zoo on campus, seeing things in person. Nope. We see the powerpoint presentation for a few hours once a week, cover 4 chapters, then we have an 8 question essay/short answer test after. And she's sadly, not a very good speaker. A heavy accent, peeper with 'you know?', "yes?", and "no?" She very nice otherwise, but just dull. The subject matter and the fact that I already know something aout animal behavior is the only thing saving me in this class. So, I'm going to stop procrastinating (eventually) and go to the laptop, where I still have Word available to me, and write the damned paper. It's due in a week...
I'd really much rather be writing about Rayne and Keresh and Garoben right now.



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