For some reason after today, I'm whipped. Doing the horse CT contributed, certainly. But I'm sitting here in my chair, eyelids heavy and ready to crash. It's not even completely dark outside. On an up note, the new (to us) washer seems to be working just fine. Sadly, this also means I have to fold and put away those clean clothes... dammit.

I've only written about 6 pages in my new story and I'm already trying to find a reason why couples argue, badly enough that they break up/ take some time apart. Granted, they aren't living together so it's easy enough for them to not see each other for awhile, except they're neighbors. I'm thinking maybe her ex coming around might be enough to get things going but the story is still very much in its infancy. Still, I'm open to suggestions. 

Anybody?... Bueller?



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