So, we have this career ladder thing at work they've just instituted. Don't ask me to explain it, I'm not sure the people who made it up are entirely sure how it works. What it amounts to is a way for us to earn merit raises and proving ourself worthy to work for the VMC (veterinary medical center). There are some glitches in the system, one of which is doing certain procedures with someone watching and them siging off that you indeed can do this task. The fine print is, there are 6 or so people in the whole hospital that are authorized to sign off on our lists. I can't even find a radiologist to look at an active study when I have a patient under anesthesia so I can scan/radiograph/image more and send it away. So, here comes the volunteering part. I am making a study guide for the items on our list. Google is indeed godlike because I have 40-some-odd pages of material already. I will probably end up with hundreds of pages of material to cover everything on all four levels. And, the level three and four things I already do; will I be paid accordingly for them? No. Can I stop doing them until I am paid accordingly? No.
Did I mention the test? There's a test too, written... in addition to the practicals. Did I mention how much time there is before the first test? I didn't? Five weeks.
I am so being kept down by the man.....


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