Fay is dawdling along westward about 2 mph. We haven't gotten heavy rain, mostly a drizzle here at Casa de Matlack, but I can hear the wind rushing through the trees. UF has decided to close tomorrow so I have an unexpected 3 day weekend. Score! Tomorrow will likely be blustery and damp as she continues to wander across our peninsula. As long as the power hold out we should be good.

If I see animals pairing off, *then* I'll start worrying.
Fay's projected path is pretty much over the top of Gainesville.
As expected, we are currently sitting around at work, waiting for something to happen. What cases were in hospital will get whatever imaging they need, but anything coming from outside probably won't. I expect the storm will move in close enough by this afternoon to make the drive home an adventure. David sent me to work in the Scion, him driving the older Chevy. I appreciate his concern but don't know if it will make any difference. The x/D has a higher profile so the wind might bne an issue, but the brakes are better and I'm paranoid about driving in the rain. At any rate, I may just find a computer someplace out of the way and look busy (and write, Valerie and Daniel are working some things out ;-) or just hope for something to happen to make the day pass more quickly.
Boomerang Fay is set to pass right over us in Gainesville sometime tomorrow. I'll see just how strong the winds are in the morning to determine if I will be willing to drive the 30 miles to work. It's not like a lot of people will be keeping their appointments at the VMC tomorrow anyway. We stood around and stared at each other a lot today anyway; tomorrow will be even worse.

I'm thinking of bringing a pack of cards.


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