I have nothing against mass transportation. I think it's a wonderful idea, but in my case, it's less than ideal.

I'm talking about my getting to class after work two nights a week. I work probably a mile and a half from where my class takes place. Parking on the UF campus is at best, a nightmare. A myriad of color-coded stickers and parking places and ne'er the twain shall meet. And the purchase of a sticker does not entitle you to anything but the right to look for a parking place. Trust me, there aren't any that won't earn you a ticket.

Yes, I got a parking ticket after class the other night. Thirty dollars for 'parking out of assigned area.' That means that my measley $144-a-year parking decal doesn't not qualify me to park in a 'gated only' $947-a-year space. People, I park for my class after 4:30 PM. It figures that the area close to my class is restricted until after 5:30 PM. Of course, there are signs. In front of every fifth space or so. There is no indication that this includes all the spaces surrounding them, only the spaces themselves. Silly me for making that assumption. I appealed my ticket and am hopeful, as it is my first one, that the appeal will work. But that leves me with the dilemma of what to do.

I can park in one of the few commuter lots on campus and walk 3/4 of a mile to my class, which would require me to leave work more than the 30 minutes early I do now, or park in the commuter lot and take the bus. As staff and student, my ID card entitles me to ride for free. Free is good. But I have ridden on a mass transit bus exactly twice in my life. Bus schedules and route maps are like Sanskrit or Swahili to me. The time attend class is in that grey area that results in triple the wait time for a bus after class than before. That puts me getting home later than I would if I could just park in front of the stupid class or even on the same street. And the later in the year it gets, the darker it gets as I'm in class.

Why did I want to go back to college? Anybody? Bueller?

*sigh* Back to Foucault.
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