debikm: (kitty go round)
( Jul. 22nd, 2007 10:48 am)


Too bad there isn't some way to make piecing and quilting aerobic, because I'd be in better shape. I'm a member of a 'your pick' block swap. Each of us sends a 14' square of our choice of fabric to each other (all carefully scheduled, of course so no one is overwhelmed with lots of stuff at once.) and we all make blocks for one another using our main focus fabric. I'm having fun with it, even though I'm not the best seamstress in the world... or even in the neighborhood ;-). But at any rate, my blocks usually come out looking fairly nice, as long as you don't look *too* closely at the seam intersections and points, just in case.


And I even have a top finished from another swap. The theme was 9/11 and all the blocks are wonderful. I made a few extras to complete my top and put it together last weekend. Now all it need to do is sandwich and quilt it. I got red variegated thread for that, since I couldn't find any RWB thread locally. $5 a spool online is a bit much for me...

So, now you see how wild and crazy my weekends are... just a party animal I am...;-)



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