Old Dogs is done. All 91,000+ words. Two people are reviewing my first draft now and I'm anxiously awaiting their verdict. Until then, I'm not touching it, I'm ignoring the story completely until I get those reviews and start rewriting. I need another reader though. (Maria, are you listening? ;-) I've even toyed with drafting a query letter, though that scares me more than someone reading my entire story!

I've re-applied to UF, hoping to hear from them soon. I've paid TWO application fees, not paying it a third time. I'll find an online Englis degree somewhere. The UF website is so friggin' hard to negotiate I'm pretty convinced that finding the correct link to apply is part of the weeding-out process. I think if you can successfully apply to the University of Florida through their website, you should be accepted just because you were able to find the stinkin' form again.

I need to spend a day writing a to do list. There are so many things we need to do around this dump that it's getting out of hand. The car is still dead, the wiring along the one side of the house is still kaput, there is still no stucco on the shed in the backyard (that I didn't want in the first place) and no fresh panit on the house. And, no money to pay for all these projects anyway. Maybe I don't need to write that to do list after all...

In other, completely inane news, I found khaki pant on the Old Navy website for under ten buck a pair. I ordered eight pair. Let's hope they fit so I'll have some pants to wear to work. Of course, I would be nice if Old Navy had plus sizes in their store so a person could try them on before comitting to buying them. Old Navy doesn't think that women should have that option apparently. I wonder, do their men's clothes in the store only go up to certain sizes? Inquiring minds want to know.

Otherwise, today is pretty blah. It's drizzling and miserable out, the things I wanted to get done today/this weekend, like getting glasses for myself and DH didn't happen, or getting the heat in the Scion fixed (Yeah, I broke it, what else is new?)

I must remember the words of Scarlett, though.

Tomorrow is another day.


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