Fay is dawdling along westward about 2 mph. We haven't gotten heavy rain, mostly a drizzle here at Casa de Matlack, but I can hear the wind rushing through the trees. UF has decided to close tomorrow so I have an unexpected 3 day weekend. Score! Tomorrow will likely be blustery and damp as she continues to wander across our peninsula. As long as the power hold out we should be good.

If I see animals pairing off, *then* I'll start worrying.
Boomerang Fay is set to pass right over us in Gainesville sometime tomorrow. I'll see just how strong the winds are in the morning to determine if I will be willing to drive the 30 miles to work. It's not like a lot of people will be keeping their appointments at the VMC tomorrow anyway. We stood around and stared at each other a lot today anyway; tomorrow will be even worse.

I'm thinking of bringing a pack of cards.


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